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Additive range to avoid and fix problems that affect engine performance.

Stablished in 1939, the research and development of Wynn’s has continuously worked in the avantgarde of cleaning and lubrication technology for over 70 years. This contributes to the renowned quality of our products, which include security and hygiene specifications, besides all environmental requirements.



A complete range of Additives for the Fuel System, the Lubrication System and the Cooling System. Formulas adjusted to all types of user, distinguishing between products for the final user and products for the professional user. The R&D and innovation department develops, in each case, products that guarantee an optimal performance of the vehicle, taking into account all the new legal and technical limitations.


A complete range of lubricants that satisfy the current needs of the market, as well as the main future trends. Includes Low Saps lubricants, state-of-the-art lubricants that have recently burst into the market following the European Regulations on Emissions.

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